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Over 15 years ago, H&T opened its doors with a different set of rules. No cutting corners, no compromises. No sacrificing quality for profits. The result, exceptional products under the strictest hygiene and food safety control, to give you and your diners a peace of mind. When you want the best, H&T is the name you can trust.
From Marbling 12 Wagyu to common chicken, we have meat of difference grades and cut to suit your requirement.

Main Courses


From top grade Wagyu to Manufacturing grade cow, from grain fed to grass fed, from the pristine grassland in Australia and New Zealand, we have beef that fulfill all of your culinary requirement. 

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We import Lamb & Mutton from Australia and New Zealand with all types of cuts, including the juiciest and tastiest premium lamb rack flown in by air on weekly basis.

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Whole Chicken, Leg Quarter, Boneless Breast, Wing,...We have them all and we source them both locally and internationally


For those who prefer lean meat raised traditionally, or looking for values, we have organically raised buffalo meat from India. These are great for catering and value-added processing.

Duck &Turkey

And for those special occasions, we have Halal whole duck and whole turkey from Jakim approved producers.


We have our very own facility to produce Halal coldcuts such as Lyoners, Smoked Meat and Toast.


We are the sole distributor of the only JAKIM approved Halal natural casing sausages with no added MSG, colouring and flavoring in Malaysia.

Cheese & Cream

We have the best selection of Italian cheese and French cream in Sabah flown in weekly from Europe.


Our Suppliers