H&T vows to treat its customer with utmost integrity and honesty in the way we want to be treated by our own suppliers. We believe in mutually beneficial relationship with our customers and suppliers to grow together, to face challenge together, and to build value together! When you want the best, H&T is the name you can trust
H&T have the following fine ingredients to match your culinary skills.
Dry Pasta

We have more than 15 types of 100% Durum wheat pasta from the most famous commercial pasta producer in Italy, DeCecco 

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Herbs & Spices

Cannamela travels all over the world to find the finest quality culinary herbs & spices and we are proud to be associated with them. 

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Olive Oil

The necessity of good cooking is good olive oil and Olitalia represents a symbol of tradition and nobility in the realm of Italian gastronomy world.

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Fruit Preserve

Darbo is the most well-known brand in Europe for preserves, honey and syrups with more than 130 years of history

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Flour of Naples

Said by many epicures to be the best pizza and pasta flour in the world, Caputo is milled in the beutiful province of Naples (Napoli).

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Olive Oil

Mueloliva - 2013 Winner of the World Best Olive Oil Ranking

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Organic flour from one of the best Italian mills for authentic pasta & pizza   

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Italian Condiment

Pitted olive, peeled tomato, balsamic vinegar, mushroom,... We import all these directly from one of the largest producers in Italy

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