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We have been working hard to bypass the middlemen, such as importer, distributor and sales agent, and buy direct from the producers. We then pass part of the the saving to our customers to help them to remain competitive in a very challenging business environment. H&T gives you the best value for your money
H&T help you the save money on the following branded ingredients.
San Remo

With more than 80 years of sharing the experience and culture of pasta making, this is a familiar sight in Malaysians' kitchen 

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The hot, legendary pepper sauce from  Louisiana, USA

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The only sauce that gives authentic taste of Malay / Indonesian cooking, made from exotic ingredients from the tropical island of Java.

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Using a traditional Japanese brewing process called honjoza, Kikkoman soy sauce does not contain MSG, artifical coloring, flavouring and other additive.  

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The iconic British sauce that holds a Royal Warrant from Queen Elizabeth II, it is a must-have condiment for sandwich and steak.

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The largest spice company in the world that has Allspice to Za'atar and everything in between

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